Initial Contribution Offering
Transparent and exciting forecasting platform based on blockchain 


Initial Contribution Offering begins: September 20th, 2017 12:00AM UTC

Blockchain for fun!

Project CIRCLE aims to introduce one-of-a-kind forecasting platform in the blockchain industry.
Not only users will be able to wager on forecasting events, users can suggest their own unique ideas and get benefit.
Our goal is to release blockchain projects that are fun and exciting, apart from being useful and transparent.  

Token Allocation

Users who owns our XCC Tokens will share 80% of the profit we make from our forecasting platform.
Our test marketing resulted in a great success by achieving more than 10k users across Asia, which gave us the conclusion that this industry has much potential. Once the platform starts running, Token owners will receive Token allocation every quarter.

Built on Ethereum!

XCC Token and CIRCLE platform will be based on Ethereum Blockchain and Smart Contract to provide trustable, transparent and hassle-free environment in enjoying our crypto solution!
Ethereum provides limitless reciprocity and expansibility in the industry, which will allow us to provide more user-friendly and exciting contents! 


Total of 100,000,000 CIRCLE COIN (XCC) is issued (locked) and 50,753,000XCC will be distributed in our ICO promotion.


Contributions are accepted in BTC and ETH.


Affiliate Program
10% Tier bonus will be given for contributions made from your referral.


Week Period Distribution(%) BONUS
1st Week 09/20~09/23
20% 1.5x bonus
2nd Week 09/24~09/30
10% 1.3x bonus
3rd Week 10/01~10/07
10% 1.2x bonus
4th Week 10/08~10/14
05%1.0x bonus
5th Week 10/15~10/20
05% 1.0x bonus


  • 2016-2017

    Offline test marketing

    Achieved over 10k users and token price rose 360%!

  • 2017 Q4


    Welcoming everyone to our unique community.

  • 2018 Q1


    Introducing Blockchain to our XCC Token for further development.

  • 2018 Q2

    CIRCLE platform

    Release the most exciting blockchain based forecasting platform!

  • 2018 Q3


    Aiming to be listed on major exchanges to change the world!

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Project CIRCLE is a movement to develop the most fun and exciting gaming platform using blockchain. Users will be able to wager on predicting various future events. Users can also suggest their original predicting events and be benefitted. In our Initial Contribution Offering, we will be providing XCC tokens in return of user's contribution to the project, which enables them to share 80% of the total platform's profit.

Circle Coin Token (XCC) was developed as a digital token used to enjoy various entertainment contents in 2016. Although it was only spread by offline marketing, it reached over 10,000 users with 360% value appreciation. The test marketing was done in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and in the Philippines, which gave us the conclusion, blockchain technology must be used for fun, in order to become more based in our lives. We will be reforming XCC tokens based on Ethereum blockchain to provide transparent, protected and entertaining experiences for everyone. The supply of XCC tokens are limited to 100,000,000 units.

CIRCLE platform is a new platform that we aim to release, which will provide various forecasting games for users to enjoy. Unlike ordinary table games or races, the games held on the platform is rather focused on fun, casual, and trustworthy, meaning we can wager on pretty much anything, as long as it does not involve act of people. Which of the two dogs can sit longer? How many apples will fall inside a basket? Imagine an entertainement TV show that we all love watching. That is what we are going to achieve in the field of blockchain.

The ICO starts from September 20th, 2017 (UTC 00:00).

You may register your account from here. After you sign in to your account, please send your contribution to the corresponding address.

XCC Tokens will be 0.72USD value per token.

We accept Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).

You will be credited with equivalent amount of XCC tokens towards the contributions made, plus the contribution bonus.

You will receive your XCC tokens within 7days from the end of ICO to your personal wallet account.

The earlier you make your contributions, the more tokens you will be distributed. Also, you will be able to receive 10% affiliate bonus by using your affiliate links provided.

Unfortunately, US citizens and residents are not allowed to participate in our ICO due to precautionary reasons towards US Security Law restrictions.

The contributions gained from the ICO will be used for system development, marketing, facility, operations, and 10% to the trust fund.